Tate Fegley

Tate Fegley


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I study political economy with a focus on law and criminal justice institutions. My work has appeared in economics and criminal justice journals including Public Choice and Policing: An International Journal of Strategies and Management.



Fegley, Tate and K.F. Israel. The Disutility of Labor. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, forthcoming.

Fegley, Tate. (2020) Police Unions and Officer Privileges. The Independent Re­view, 25(2), 1-22.

Leeson, Peter T., M. Scott King and Tate Fegley (2019). Regulating Quack Medicine. Public Choice, 1-14.

Fegley, Tate and Lisa Growette Bostaph (2018). Is Bigger Better? An Analysis of Economies of Scale and Market Power in Police Departments. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strate­gies and Management, 41(5), 578-592.

Fegley, Tate (2015). Land Of The Free, Home Of The Imprisoned: A Comparison Of Incarceration Rates Among The U.S. And Other Industrialized Nations. Political Dialogues: Journal of Political Theory. 19. 21-32.


Fegley, Tate. Institutional Incentives and Community Policing. Revise and resubmit at the Journal of Institutional Economics.

Fegley, Tate. Policing and Economic Calculation.

Dominiak, Lukasz and Tate Fegley. Should Libertarians Reject the Title Transfer Theory of Contracts?


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International Economics (Syllabus) (Evaluations)

Fall 2018

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